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Mark Kinzler, General Manager
Michelle Berry, Staff Assistant
Pat Schaffer, Dakota Valley Service Manager/Center Page Editor

Business Department

Kelly Wald, Business Manager
Irene Baumann, Accountant
Tami Berg, Business Assistant
Wendy Boom, Senior Billing Representative
Lisa Heinert, Customer Service Representative
Casey Jans, Payroll/Benefits Representative
Loni Kosel, Office Assistant
Amy Smith, Customer Service Representative

Engineering and Information Technology (IT)

Brandon Giesler, Manager of Engineering and IT
Laura Bergh, Computer System Administrator
Nick Bollinger, Meter/Load Management Technician
Jacob Loegering, District Engineer- Edgeley
Nick Brand, District Engineer - Milnor
Bryon Metzen, Meter/Load Management Technician

Operations/Line Personnel

General Operations Employees:

Brad Lunneborg, Manager of Operations
Ray Hogness, Mechanic
Jeff Sinner, Warehouseman/Dispatcher
Dayna Spiech, Dispatcher


Mitch Tompkins, Outpost Foreman
Ron Ferderer, Journeyman Lineman
John Schwalk, Journeyman Lineman
Chandler Aarfor, Apprentice Lineman


Jon Coleman, Outpost Foreman
Darwin Hehr, Journeyman Lineman
Kyle Lloyd, Journeyman Lineman
Tharen Ness, Journeyman Lineman


Trevor Intveld, Outpost Foreman
Josh Hoffman, Journeyman Lineman
Nick Mauer, Journeyman Lineman


Monty Zimmer, Outpost Foreman
Curt Ellingson, Journeyman Lineman


John Krump, Outpost Foreman
Jeremy Radcliffe, Apprentice Lineman


Grant Baker III, Outpost Foreman

Dakota Valley Services Corporation

Richard Feist, Journeyman Plumber
Keith Heglet - Master Electrician
Spencer Isaacson, Master Plumber
Tom Rode, Heating/Air Conditioning
Justin Rott, Journeyman Electrician

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