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Powering Your Community

Committed to Caring

Dakota Valley has a long-standing tradition of working tirelessly to improve the quality of life of the people in its communities. We have employees involved in all kinds of civic endeavors, from participating in chambers of commerce to serving on hospital boards to working on job development.

We pay special attention to the youth in our community with these programs:

  • Scholarship program awarded each spring.
  • Energy tours and seminars for elementary students

Our Operation Round Up program has helped hundreds of people in our area meet all kinds of community and individual challenges. The program is funded by 79 percent of the cooperative's membership, who have agreed to have their monthly statements rounded to the nearest dollar. These funds are put in a fund and administered by an Operation Round Up board comprised of Dakota Valley members. The program awards on average $20,000 per year to organizations and individuals in our service area.

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