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Pay By Bank

Make paying your electric bill easy! Dakota Valley Electric's Pay by Bank plan will automatically pay your electric bill directly from your bank account.

The Pay by Bank plan will help you in several ways:

  • Saves time - fewer checks to write
  • Pays your electric bill conveniently and timely - even if you're on vacation or out of town
  • No lost or misplaced statements - your payment is always on time - no late fees
  • Saves postage
  • Easy to sign up, easy to cancel

When you sign up for Pay by Bank (by filling out this form), you will receive your electric bill as usual. Then, on the due date, we will automatically deduct payment from your account.

Here's how the Pay by Bank plan works:

You authorize regularly-scheduled payments from your checking account. Then, just sit back and relax. Your payments will be made automatically on the due date. Proof of payment will appear with your bank statement.

Best of all, this convenient service is available at no cost to you.

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