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Operation Round Up Guidelines

  1. Funds shall be disbursed in the general service area of Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc. (DVEC) solely for charitable, education, scientific, health or safety purposes.
  2. No funds of “Operation Round Up” shall in any fashion be used for religious purposes or to support any candidate for political office or for any political purpose.
  3. Not more than $2,500 will be given annually to any family unit, group, organization, charity or like organization.   
  4. The Board will not meet less than semiannually to evaluate applications.
  5. One of the “Operation Round Up” activities will be to report at the DVEC Annual Membership Meeting each June.
  6. The Board reserves the right to carry over applications to a later meeting depending on fund availability and other factors.
  7. The Board will disburse funds equitably throughout the DVEC service area as practical.
  8. Call a board member or contact the Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative office at 1-800-342-4671 if you have any questions.
  9. Applications for individuals must have a sponsoring organization. Examples of qualifying organizations would be Jaycees, Lions Clubs, churches, 4-H clubs, American Legion, homemakers clubs or any other non-profit organization which have officers and hold meetings.  The sponsoring organization must submit a letter along with the application stating that the organization will be a sponsor for the individual.   The letter must be signed by an officer of the organization.  

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