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Capital Credits

Dakota Valley Electric is a member-owned, nonprofit organization.  Each year, members are allocated their portion of the previous year's profit based on the amount of electricity they purchased from Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative in relation to the total amount of electricity purchased by all members during the year.

Capital credits represent your share of the ownership or equity in Dakota Valley Electric.  This capital allows Dakota Valley Electric to finance operations and construction.  Capital credits are paid back to our members according to a capital credit retirement rotation plan and as the financial condition of the cooperative permits.

Dakota Valley Electric currently retires capital credits under the following three methods:

  1. The general retirement which is in December of each year
  2. Retirement of capital credits to estates of deceased members.
  3. 25% buyout of the capital credits for an inactive account.

Be sure to keep the cooperative informed of your correct address so that you receive future retirements.


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